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The firm advises on a wide variety of commercial contracts including:

  • Sale and purchase agreements.
  • Transfer of technology agreements.
  • Distribution and agency agreements.
  • Franchise agreements.
  • Manufacturing and supply agreements.
  • Construction and EPC agreements.
  • Various Agreements related to clients` business.

Template agreements drafted by ALPHA ADVISORS are readily available to our clients. Meanwhile, given our clients’ needs those templates can always be trimmed to fit into the conditions of every single case. By the same token, we review and adjust our clients’ global standard agreements to ensure compliance with local applicable laws.

Our Services Cover

1. Sale and Purchase Agreements.

2. Shareholders Agreements

3. Partnerships and Joint Ventures Agreements

4. Assets Sale and Purchase Agreements

5. Transfer of Technology Agreements.

6. Distribution and Agency Agreements.

7. Franchise Agreements.

8. Manufacturing and Supply Agreements.

9. Construction and EPC Agreements.

10. Concession Agreements

11. Hotel Management Agreements

12. IP License Agreements

13. Employment Agreements

14. Lease Agreements

15. Various Types of Agreements Related to Clients` Business.

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