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Business Tax Services is a sub-service line which provides market-leading business tax services and solutions to our clients. We are a team and innovate across our various capabilities to provide solutions that foresee and support our client needs anywhere in the world.

BTS professionals are armed to deliver:

  • Great experience and many skills through which to provide the required services and appropriate solutions.
  • Deep market knowledge and exceptional perspective on leading trends and forces of change and disruption

What it means to be a BTS professional

We are high performing, varied, problem-solving professionals with deep tax technical knowledge, experience and world-class client relationship and service skills, engendered by an outstanding culture of continuous learning and team working.

Our services

    A. Business Tax Advisory

Through BTA we provide tax planning and advices for corporate taxpayers including Joint Stock Companies, Limited Liabilities companies, Partnerships, Joint Ventures and other business entities. This can include the provision of day-to-day tax advice, as well as work on a various aspect across a client’s tax life cycle.

There is a significant opportunity to provide Exceptional Client Service and grow our BTS practice as we help our clients (whether local subsidiaries or branches of foreign headquartered clients) with their tax matters.

    B. Business Tax Audit & Controversy

Our Tax Audit & Controversy Network is well experienced, connected and forward-looking. We have local country teams with deep technical knowledge and innovative technology solutions to help our clients address risk, better manage tax audit & controversy and resolve tax disputes – wherever they do business.

With our tax audit & controversy experts and professionals, many of whom were government officials before joining Alpha Advisors, we are able to help our clients between where tax authorities are moving and how companies have historically managed tax audit & controversy.

As a Tax Audit & Controversy team, we have a deep knowledge and technical skills enabling us to support tax areas such as:

  • Corporate Income Tax Disputes.
  • With-holding Tax Disputes.
  • Salary Tax Disputes.
  • Real E-state Tax Disputes.

We can help you in resolving the disputes within the Tax Authorities, our tax experts and advisors can represent you:

  • Before Tax Authority in the inspection sessions, negotiations and objections.
  • Before Tax Authority in the internal committees’ sessions.
  • Before Tax Authority in the appeal committees’ sessions.

Before Tax Authority in the dispute resolution committees’ sessions.

Our Services Cover

1. Business Tax Advisory

2. Business Tax Audit & Controversy

  • Corporate Income Tax Disputes.
  • With-holding Tax Disputes.
  • Salary Tax Disputes.
  • Real E-state Tax Disputes.

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