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Banking and Finance is one of the fastest changing and growing industries in Egypt where our legal facilitation plays a big role with a team of lawyers at the forefront.

Our team of experienced lawyers have profound understanding of the financial tools and its practices in the Egyptian market. We are always aware of the legal developments in the field of finance and projects. Our team have been assisting Egyptian and international clients in banking and non-banking financial transactions throughout the previous years.

We work with financial institutions, as well as borrowers, lessees, and other capital users, to analyze potential risks and develop both short- and long-term plans for today’s uncertain environment

Our Services Cover

1. Fintech

2. Acquisition Finance

3. Venture Capital Debt Financing

4. Real Estate Mortgage

5. Financial Leasing

6. Aircraft Finance

7. Shipping Finance

8. Banking Regulatory and Disputes

9. Project and Infrastructure Finance

10. Secured and Unsecured Facilities.

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