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Choosing The Right Advisor Can Save You Multi-Million Dollars

ALPHA ADVISORS has specialized dispute resolution experts.

We deliver strategic insight and practical solutions to resolve disputes quickly and effectively for clients facing high-risk and difficult challenges.

Our team members have extensive experience representing businesses of varying profiles.

Our team members have an exceptional track record in high-stakes commercial litigation and international arbitration. Through our broad experience in high-value, complex and sophisticated cases, we have delivered optimal results in matters relating to local litigations, international arbitration disputes, internal corporate and forensics investigations, and other laws and cross-border disputes.

Our attorneys have experience providing arbitration services across the full range of industries and for a wide variety of clients, including those privately, publicly or state owned.

We have worked primarily with CRCICA and the ICC, the Dubai International Arbitration Centre, and the DIS, since our attorneys are capable of providing services in Arabic, English and French.

Our team acts on a wide range of litigation disputes in the courts and in international arbitration.

Our Services Cover

1. Securities Disputes

2. White-collar Sector

3. Financial Crimes

4. Cybercrimes

5. Contract Disputes

6. Maritime Law

7. Insolvency

8. Employment Matters

9. Intellectual Property

10. Securities Commission Investigations

11. Anti-Trust

12. Corporate Governance

13. Insurance

14. Taxation

15. Construction Contracts

16. Agency & Franchise Disputes

17. Economic Crimes, Including But Not Limited To ( Cyber Fraud - Tax Evasion - Money Laundering - Embezzlement - Forgery and Bribery )

18. Aviation Law

19. Shipping

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